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Let's Talk about the brothers

“We are 2 Moroccan Brothers/Partners Born and raised in Beni Boufrah Northern Morocco to a loving family of 12

 Our house is an Off_Grid settings that Housed Humans and Horses in an Equal space sharings for Generations ,till 1982 when the draught forced the family Business to shutdown partially.

Our compound of Clay Homes was a Hadad Factory. Locals weekly pilgrims to get new shoes for the Donkeys. Arabian .Moorish and Andalusian Horses ,Fresh sardines, get an outdoor haircut.  a lot of Mint tea and Couscous, But that life was about to change. and we knew it ….

1993 After Successfully finishing both our Degrees ) we left Morocco To Spain we end up in London in 1995…… and End up in Phoenix Arizona in 2003 

Morocco Djellaba .Mhaba Class
Fez Hats.Morocco Djellaba

Meet our Owners

En Route we made great friends and memories.

We Worked 3 years as Buttleres at Basil street Hotels next to Harrods in Knightsbridge London.And  We Sold Moroccan Rugs that our Father used  Sent us wherever we when  at East Street Market on weekends .

Our first Candy Vending Machines in Arizona Summer of 2004 Machines Literally Melted!…Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show was 2 Months away and we Asked for Horse Saddles Instead of Rugs ,And We succesfuly Sold 13 Horse Saddles and One Police Arrest On Shea and Scottsdale Road 

We Return to Beni Boufrah Helping our Tiring Father build more Horse Saddles .and we Became known As  Made In Morocco