Made in Morocco Bazaar

Morocco Traditional Bedouin Tents and Majlis

Made In Morocco Custom Tents and Majlis will ship your Bedouin Tents within 4 Weeks .Our Made In Morocco Tents and Majlis (Mtarba) is a FINE Piece of History , A perfect Companion for any Off-Grid living Situation .Easy to move .One Wife or 4 .We can Custom your beautiful Moroccan Traditional tents to fit all the wives ,and all your in laws , or a Wedding gathering of few hundreds .Maybe just trying to bring little Morocco to your pool ,Yard of beach party. we got your Back

Our ready to Ship Made In Morocco tents ( Not China) comes in 2 Sizes . 10 Meters x 6 meters offered at an Amazing Promotional price

Packed with Assembly easy instructions .All our Made In Morocco Tents are Heavy duty.Weather Proof ,They survive here in the Sahara ,Just like the Holdup to cold .

Tents are Free Shipping included anywhere you want us to sent you a little Morocco .

Haram and Cat

Made In Morocco Traditional Tents Offered comfort and Style .room ,open space .high ceilings .and recognition ,Noticeable for a reason , We can Custom Make yours .the size of your house.More Or less .we can help. Our Made Moroccan Tent are durable.Born in the Sahara .Endures the Heats.(White)Weather Proof if you want to take one to Alaska .

Great Fun for home additions .Roof Tops.Pools .Restaurants.Morocco Cultural Events .Your Made In Morocco tent a Moroccan Icon ,Wars.Weddings.Peace treaties.and Great Movies alike are Planned and Happen inside a tent.

Special Offer-10 x 8 Meters Morocco tents (Harem Saloon) -10×8 berber Rug+Beni Ourain Floor Cushions +2 Raffia Shoes for Her +1 Made In Morocco Brass Lamp + Moroccan Tea Set +Free Shippings include Israel