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Beach towels wholesale

Tangier souk Dakhal sees a huge increase in activities in the early hours,just after the Fajr Prayers. The city extends the night of calm till around 7 Am. But for the old city,coffee shops are open,Sfange and fresh cheeses are ready to order.

Merchants have occupied these streets for 1000s of years. Hamid explains to me the activities,i never realized that over 150 Berber rugs are shipped daily thru tangier post alone each day. I was born in the city but never knew that during the occupations,Tangier for long time was the capital of business. Not only for Morocco,but also Spain,and the rest of North Africa. Tangier Morocco oldest established local wholesalers are established in the Old Medina ,Morocco wholesale market. Morocco clothing,Morocco genuine leather goods,Bags,back packs,straw bags,all had a base at some point Tangier,for good reasons .

It is still a mixture of owners,Jews .Hindus ,Muslims ,Spanish and french all traded for centuries. All from the same location. Sometimes family names can lead you to who makes what. Boujloud will likely be making

leather goods.

Moroccan handicraft is one of the engines of the Moroccan economy.

widespread in Morocco implementing many techniques and local organic materials. our craftsmen have an undeniable artistry and impeccable expertise. Veterans in the industry .

Genuine leather handmade bags from Tangier,superior international quality.great match for high end stores and outlets

Handmade black Rabbit leather bags.Soft and lovable.

Orange Classic Morocco first class qualify leather bags.

White Rabbit leather bags wholesale

Our customers from Germany, France, Swiss, Italy or Australia USA.Canada and all Golf counties , some of them been working with me online since 2006, from the beginning ,thank you,you have made us better. Throughout these years, we have promoted our values ​​of fairness and respect for the customer. when the price is low,we quote a low price,when you are new to this market ,we will treat like an old friend .

We have accounts with other E commerce sites.this year we decided to go independent,with our own site.but our 3 meters bazaar still in the heart of the city since July 1997.

Our wholesale prices have dropped,as we dont have to pay third parties , but our relationships with our customers will be easier through a better communication.no more errors,no delays in communications. And wider range of products.we are excited about the new venue.

Neutral camels leather purses wholesale

Brown camel leather purse


organic handmade straw baskets

Blue handmade straw basket

Straw baskets designers style

Handmade straw baskets

White Moroccan handmade poof.

Ceramic tajine

Ceramic Tajine

Morocco Tile 2017

Cactus piloows

Designers Cactus pillows wholesale

Red Berber rugs wholesale

Leather purses

Designers Pink leather purses

leather purse

Fashion handmade leather bags 2017

Silver teapot

Silver teapots wholesale.

Our bazaar have been part of the early morning activities in the old Medina since 1997. Shipping and dragging the large rugs to Marsa,to be inspected By Diwana.

We welcome new friends,and we say to our Old and always friends.Thank you for your support and loyalty.

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