Made in Morocco Bazaar

Made In Morocco Kilim Travel Bags

Made In Morocco Offer the best Travel Companion with Class

• Travel in style! Made from 100% weaved wool and fine leather, this durable travel bag is ready to go with you on any trip!

• A piece of history on your shoulder! This Kilim Bag was handcrafted in a small, family owned workshop in Morocco . The fine kilims used on all our Kilim Bags come from many different regions in the mountain villages of Morocco

Symbols, patterns and natural colors are woven by nomadic tribesmen and tribe women with devotion and tradition. Made In Morocco Offers kilims in different designs. But no identical two bags can be made.Each Kilim Travel Bag Have its Own Personality

The handles and trimmings Our Made In Morocco Travel Kilims are one of a KIND . made of the finest genuine leather and 100% wool handmade .We are sure you will enjoy your Kilim Travel Bag for a long time.We also sure it will be your Favourite ,Flexible Heavy duty and Light to curry with Ease

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