Moroccan Cactus pillows wholesale

cactus cushions

Moroccan Cactus pillows

Moroccan cactus pillows materials are centuries old. Along with silk (Lahrir).Essential ingredients for making the best handmade Pom Pom pillows in northern Morocco . Cactus grows naturally,and its been widely used thanks to the  earthiness of cactus,health benefits,and durability.

As popularity of Morocco Pom Pom  pillows increases,we now have in stock the largest selection of Pom Pom pillows in Morocco

We have a great selection of beautiful traditional Muslim and Moroccan shapes and patterns.

No matter where you put your Pom Pom pillow,it will be noticed. Especially if combined with our beautiful Berber rugs.

Here examples of the hottest 2017 Models in our Khzin.

Pink Pom Pom Pillow

handmade pink pom pom pillow

Blue handmade gorgeous pom pom

rainbow pom pom

handmade rainbow pom pom

handmade blue green pom pom

handmade green blue pom pom

handmade rainbow pom pom

Handmade rainbow pom pom

Beautiful rainbow pom pom

Beautiful handmade rainbow pom pom




Beautiful handmade Pom Pom Pillow

white pinl blue pom pom

Natural Vegan pom pom

Moroccan cactus pillow

handmade pom pom

White Gold Pom Pom

White and Gold Pom Pom

Beautiful authentic handmade pom pom

Blue Pom Pom wholesale

Which is your favorite?

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