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made in morocco berber rugs

Made In Morocco Berber Rugs and carpets are carpets hand-woven by Us in North Africa and the Sahara.our rugs and carpets observes the traditional designs, distinguished by our 365 different knitting patterns,home dyed fabrics.strong texture.find your way back to the nature,our down-to-earth rugs are virgins and vintage packed .you will love both!

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Morocco Berber Rugs are Handmade by Our Berber families.Born centuries ago,to protect from the Cold of the Rif Mountains, Using local Available resources from the nature and animals .Moroccan Rugs are still attractive today as they were then.Offers Warmth and brings Harmony to your Home!

Made In Morocco Berber Rugs Makes an Excellent Gift for all occasions.We many designs and Patterns for you to choose from!14 Days Free Shippings to all 50 States and the WorlMade in Morocco, tassili n'ajjer, saharad . Moroccan Berber RugHappy BerbersGifts of Morocco.