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We are Rif Berbers.Amazigh of the north.the Pre Arab inhabitants of North Africa.

We are indigenous to North Africa.our tribes spread from Morocco today,to Algeria,Tunis.Libya.West Egypt.North Mali,North Niger and Mauritania.

 We traded with the Phoenicians,Romans,Arabs and Africa.our berber tribes strategic locations of North Africa made of us the best traders that forged peace and trade agreements.Arab invaders did not take away our spirit,our traditions or our imaginations or our Crafts.

We are more than the Nomads crossing the desert on Camels in search of the most exotic materials ,we still camels caravan and trade our berber beautiful rugs and Crafts.

we also farm North Africa mountains and valleys with dates,Cactus,almonds,silk,Saffron,and Argan trees.

We held off Phoenicians,Carthaginians,and Rome.but we traded with all of them,we are good honest traders for the last 320000 years

Made in Morocco, tassili n'ajjer, sahara

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In his book Al Muqaddimah,Ibn Khaldun was impressed with 1200 camels on Ghadames road on its way to Senegal to Walata road.our caravans connected far east,sahara to the meditteration sea.

we made peace,sold our Kilim rugs and attractive moroccan tribal berber and leather good.

Gods blessed our berber land with 4 seasons,all our crops are natural,our live stock is diverse.we raise camels.we love our true andalusian horses.they should be called berber not arabic horses as well,we eat rabbits.sheeps,cows….that is our local source for the fine Moroccan leather.

2 types of Moroccan rugs been our fun tradition,old rug called vintage.and the new called a  virgin rug that is just tooled and nobody slept on yet.

Can be use as a prayer rugs,as a dowries,as gifts to prayer houses .gifts to self wedding gifts or to an Arab to stay away.our vintage rugs are the one that lost style for a moment, to be later discovered and  rewarded, after collecting at least 50 years of dust in a shaded bazaar,stores,or with a rug our beni boufrah bazaar,our masters would not accept anything less than 75 years old rug, as a true vintage berber rugs, Must bear the marks of the berber trades prior to 1925!

Today.our berber traditions and trade expanded beyond africa and the middle east,and the camels.(Thanks to the internet)we have find  new friends around the globe, and we  offering them with solid Moroccan goods,our Crafts.our leather is fine and organic Craftsmanship is solid,we work kilim.wool,and leather with hands,real eco-friendly inherited gift you earthy goods,we custom-make tents.Moroccan bulk bargains.

our berber nation understood the value of getting along.even with the Arabs!we understand for the trade to thrive,bargains must be plentiful.hospitable service,solid value,and fair pricing,we offer all the above at made in Morocco,welcome morocco,buy made in from your berber friends.