Made in Morocco Bazaar

Morocco Leather Wholly books Covers

Made In Morocco uses only Fine Premium Leather taken from a split hide – sheepskin, calf. Rabbits .Camels or cowhide. Slightly thinner than the other grades of leather and therefore relatively flexible and soft even when new.

Our French Morocco binding offers high-quality real leather at an economical price.for your Historic Or Prehistoric Rare books needs Quality Genuine Leather to Protect and preserve with your Choice Of Skin Type ,Like Soft Camel or Rabbit Skin for more delicate treasures .Or choose from our line of Good Economic choice Skins,Cows and Sheep.

Our Custom Leather book covers is an Inhouse Love Affair . We Make the first and Last Cut here in House .We are in Control .The same house we make the rest of Morocco Leather Amazing Travel Bags ,Leather Poufs .Babouche Slippers for Men/Women. Drums .Colorful Designers Purses and wallets .Super sized Leather Belts( Animals and Humans ) and Cowboy Boots .

made in Morocco Offer in house Genuine Leather Designs for you .your horse .Bible and Gun .Made the Move Amigo .We Need Work , and we ready