Is Morocco safe for female travelers?

Travelling to other country is always hard.

Travelling to a country as Morocco can be even more mysterious.

Our guests at made in morocco bazaar,who are visiting Morocco for the first time.either for business of leas-sure .the questions to our North american countries,it was different from packing to Paris.Barcelona or London.

Let me start by saying this.There are millions of tourists that visit every year. many of the are womenMorocco is as safe for a woman to visit as any other country. There are some general precautions and common sense to keep in mind. but the rules are similar.

Even as a native of Morocco,they are some places i will be crazy to even dress in least at my age.It is always good to be dressed according to where you intending to be .dress modestly in popular places.

However if you going to the beach.Go naked if you wish .but if you are wondering a kesbah ,markets ,a jeans ,and T shirts are fitting within.

Taxis in Morocco are generally crime-free, although city buses are really considered safe. Trains are generally safe, and so are Moroccan center cities and tourists areas.

while Morocco is different from one city to another.some cities are more conservative than others.some are more liberal than San Francisco.

I am from Tangier.  Tangier is very safe and peaceful city The only trouble you may encounter is the persistent touts whom you should ignore, and mobile Merchants  ready to overcharge you.  Tangier is considered one of the more moderate cities of Morocco and it is quite normal and acceptable to see foreign women all alone .

Spain after all is 7 miles away,and if you worry being blonde is the issue,just wear a Barcelona shirts.and you will have more fan than you ever realized,and that you never met.

Tangier is fun.Cute,Loaded with history.full of tasty restaurants .you just need to take your time around .most recommended you stay in the Old Medina .a small Riyad can be found for as low as $25 .00 night .with $20.00 expect to eat like King ,if you know what you are going ,that will include fresh squeesed jouce,tea,or coffee,eggs,bread,cheese and the best olive oil on earth.

Ask for Zit Lwazania grade at least .

Tangier tourist areas are centered around the beach. Marsa,so if you are just a visitor .more likely you will end up staying in an area of about 6 miles long and 1 miles deep into land .

If you pass that,everything in term of prices automatically goes down by more than 50%

Example.Full breakfast(yummy) in Hotel Riff.$7.00

Coffee Hamadi.Vasabarata $2.00(Yummier)

you getting the idea.of course some places are highly discouraged from going alone , without a local friend .or guide you can trust to guide you into the real Morocco,the beautiful Morocco,the Beautiful Tangier,the best part that most tourists miss by choosing to stay within the Zone.while it is a great step.the greater step is going to places like Riff region .Chefchwen is a greeting sample to what to expect when you keep driving east.all the way to Alhoceima .all covered by the most beautiful landscape and welcoming  people.that each will greed you with a shy smile.or a big couscous meal.

These been our partners,reliable welcoming and hospitable.driving from Tangier going east.Not south.Relax In martil for a day observe the Spanish and Moorish marriages and years of wars and the walls,building,people faces.Food.and even skin and eye colors.

Dont miss to visit my favorite restaurant. Abu AAmira.and best sub sandwiches @abdesalam.the good news they are next to each other .

Abu AAmira have my favorites .Soup. Harrira. Couscous.and a lof of Fresh fish.these are the same people i used and still use since my days in school started in 1989.both still thriving.a wondrful meal that might cost you in NY or London $80.00 can be  had for $8.00 or less .

If you have a thirst for knowledge and you loved the city enough.Visit Abdelmalek saadi university ,and ask about my teacher Ben AAboud ,PHD professor,between Granada Spain and Martil,No matter what is your language,you will be understood.

If you are like me , and you heard about Ketama ,and you anxious to get there ,i dont blame you will feel High like you are in Switzerland winter time.white snow,and pine trees.

Ketama is known to be the Morocco and world Capital of Kief  and Hashish.i have met more hippies in ketama then Tangier for the well known reasons .

Tarquist is a mid town between Tetuan and Alhoceima ,the winters are cold and will found hotels ,good restaurants,and buses going different directions .

My direction was always toward Beni Boufrah.Aounout.the only market on earth i ever see that designated for women only was here ,Souk Tlat .a weekly market only women merchants and shoppers are  allowed in  .

Less than 10 Kilometers north you will be greeted By Calayriss.may be the cleanest beach ever yet to be discovered .

We love our people and we encourage you to find out for yourself the good characters.along the way observe the beautiful articulated pots.Genuine leather works.straw baskets.and handmade Poofs.Buy them direct from them,or it is something you are interested in.we will be glad here at made in morocco bazaar to sent it to you.

Here is some samples .


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