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Made In Morocco Argan seeds.Moroccan Argan oil for sale

God Gifted Barbaria In Morocco with the”Tree of Life”Argan tree,and evergreen trees of medium size,provided us with much needed shade and nutrients to us and our herds .

The goat loves to snack Argania Spinosa,our herders only refugee from the blazing hot summers is the “Tree of life” Argania .but the story don’t end up there,the Goats refuse to digest Argan nuts ,and as the summer come to end.and before the first september rain the goat are replaced by us collecting the leftover nuts to make 49 different Argan essentials .5 types of Argan seeds .

Make no mistake,”the tree of life”is one from Barbaria.Not even China can reproduce.we offer the world the real Argania seeds and oil essentials.find out the secret to grow Argan Trees and the tips to extract Argan oil from seeds .email the berbers in Barbaria now.

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