Made in Morocco Bazaar

Made In Morocco rugs types carpets.Virgin rug and vintage rugs

Made In Morocco hand-tools 289 different rugs and carpets from Morocco,divided into 2 categories.New rugs and carpets and vintage.our newly crafted berber rugs are referred to as”Virgin Rugs”,and old vintage haunted rugs 75 years or older.

Vintage Berber Rugs are not a REPRODUCTION of Rugs!.true vintage berber rug is rare and hard-to-get.we travel barbarian villages inspecting the rugs quality within.sometimes we get lucky and convince the rug holders to let us care for them.our own 89 years”Fatima D Belkhir”bargains and buys our private enticing selection of berber rugs within the land of barbaria.

Get in touch with Fatima”SHE have your perfect vintage true berber rugs!

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