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About made in Morocco

About Made in Morocco
Made In Morocco

Morocco love affair with Berber Rugs is no secret.from the King’s Palace.Houses of Worship.Bars and hotels have their affairs with Berber Rugs.Prayer Rugs,Or Dowry Rugs.Our handcrafted Berber Rugs offers a wide selection,authentic Choices .affordable Prices and fast first Class service.

Made in Morocco Rugs
The Must-Have Berber Rugs

We are the Berbers.we slaughter animals,slaughter them with dignity,eat and share the meats,we collect leather and dyed it for our busy at home rugs making during the cold winters of rif.

Handtooled berber rugs
the 7 must-have Sustainable green Berber rugs

We live in the Rif region of Morocco.the Gods who controlled our land provided us with an abundance of Cactus plants.we make all our sheds for chickens .Rabbits .shade for horses.donkey.saddles( Srima) and baskets(Koufats) all shapes and sizes.local berber markets are filled with simple baskets for fashionable sequined cactus baskets trying to get give shoppers and the space a wonderful flavor of cactus rugs.baskets.prayers rugs.for baskets..

Adorable handcrafted cactus Baskets for sale.
Bulk sale-9 berber Cactus-traders.

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