Made in Morocco Bazaar

Morocco Leather Babouche Slippers

Made In Morocco Custom-make Traditional Moroccan Poufs.using only green sustainable materials.using leather we cared for and raised.

Beni Ourain Floor Cushion
Beni Ourain Floor Cushion and Raffia
Fine-Made Pink berber leather Pouf.
Made with care-Handpicked Pink fine leather Pouf
Classic Orange peels-Colored leather Pouf
Organic orange peeled-Colored classic Moroccan pouf.
Camel Hides skin poufs
A must-have Soft Natural Camel skin hide poufs.the most green-certified Pouf in Marrakech.Shop green-buy-green.
Moroccan Poufs Bulk
Improved Majestic-Silver leather pouf.
Moroccan for your pink mood
Fun cheerful nature colored leather Pouf for your Pink heart.

Our Moroccan Berber Poufs are made from Goatskin,Sheeps,Cow Hides,Camel Hides.Rabbit skins.sometimes exotic skins are used for spiritual or religious ceremonies,

Brown Natural leather pouf
Bulk attractive natural handcrafted poufs

While Fes tanneries are famous,Leather dye process is a berber tradition before Fes was on the map,Local  ingredients and color desires are Mixed with Chicken or Pigeon peals.Sugar, and a lot of smell and flies never missed producing the Fine Morocco Berber Moroccan Leather .

Our Beber Pouf making process is superior,aware.observe and respect the nature as a source for our continued trades,our berber,confort,decor and a source of income We have the Pouf!Shop our special selection and choose the one.

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