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Moroccan Argan Seeds for sale.Argan Seeds from Morocco

Made In Morocco and grown Argan tree played a vital role in our history survival.Argan tree was our only insurance in the far Barbaria land of  Morocco,when draught hit.Argan tree came to the rescue with providing essential nutritions to our hurde,in return we milked camels and goats to provide food and supply our Crafts with much needed materials to Crafts and build.

Argan Tree is a blessed tree in that sense,grown wild,prefer Hot outdoor climate like ours.blessed because our Argan seeds can go dormant for centuries but never dies.its a blessed tree that never dies

from our barbaria far remote tribes.we offer you 3  Argan seed types.

1-Fresh Pre-Goats processed Argan seeds,new harvests.

2-Goat-processed Argan seeds,herdes ate and saved the seeds for you.

we take great pride when hand-selecting our seeds,for faster service,please email the will never miss the Caravan!

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