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Made in Morocco kilim is a flat tapestry-woven Carpet or a Rug. Kilims can be made for decorative Berber accessories function.prayer rugs

Tangier Crafts
Tangier Crafts 1985-Made in Morocco

Called In Morocco “Hembel”or”Handira”.Moroccan Kilim is used for all parts of life.due to the durability of Morocco Kilim ,we use it in our beautiful simple earth reflecting blessed prayer Rugs.Rugs to take naps.Rugs so brave not afraid to face God with you anytime you are in your prayers.dreams or imaginations. Godly or naughty .we have the Kilim for the occasions

Morocco rugs making
Kilim rug making process

Made In Morocco will Custom-make your Kilim Kilims using  cotton or goat hair,The weft is visible and constitutes velvet.Two threads form the weft: the first is used for the decoration of the Rug and consolidation The decorative thread is wrapped in the chain stitch around two warp threads.

Kilim Rugs making process
Kilim Rugs making process

Morocco and our bazaar offers large selection of Kilim goods.Kilim Gifts.Kilim Rugs.are Kilim ideas are ideas are success .our berber colors are inviting,our Crafts is green and true.Shop Kilim.Shop made in Morocco.Shop the quality.

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