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Raffia products information-Raffia types-Raffia Crafts.

Made in Morocco Raffia Crafts store and school offers 300 Raffia natural shoes.designs Raffia for a must-look sexy events for men and women.Raffia is flexible compare to our sisters plants Cactus.Raffia Hats.purses and 297 types of Raffia.when asked to define our Raffia Crafts in the berber summit 1975 in Beni Boufrah Souk Lmarj,my grandfather said.We”Straight-Shoot Raffia”As it was true then,it it so true today.we still Straight-shoot about 300 about 300 fine Raffia each day!but rest assured.we have room to Raffia yours needs as well.Just fill-in the form below and get in touch..


Made in Morocco Raffia products.our Crafts shop is filled with 4 must-have ingredients before any attempts to think Raffia!

1-Round and oval cardboard shapes or firm cardboard to cut your own Raffia shapes shapes

2-Round serrated card loom

3-Natural and colored raffia and plenty natural color choices.

4-Tapestry or knitter’s needle Scissors – Pencil – Ruler then the fun with Raffia start!….


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