Made in Morocco Bazaar

Round Cactus Baskets Wholesale

Made In Morocco Large Selection of Cactus Baskets Plain Small with 3 Pom Pom Flowers Sizes 12 Inches Perfect for Over Counters $ 5.00 Min Order 200

Round Plain Cactus Baskets . Just Like you Shopping Local $ 12.00

French Baskets /Hassira Baskets /Picnic Cactus Baskets .Boujour Start $ 12.00 Min 50

Sequined Made In Morocco Cactus Baskets Expect to Pay $ 30.00 ( Simple Plain start $ 5.00)

Cactus Baskets Not are only a healthy Choice of Baskets.It is Also a Class of its own , Majical in the Simplicity .Made In Morocco Rounds Cactus Baskets Alone .Or with Leather Shoulder Accents.Maybe Custom your Own? Tell us what you have in Mind?

We will Custom your Cactus Baskets to Fit you .your Budget and Surroundings. Ship ready huge inventory . Shipping to Israel