Made in Morocco Bazaar

Entering a Moroccan Bazaar can be an Overwhelming Experience Even for the Most seasoned Locals as Self . High Bargain and Haggling is Part of the Bazaar Experience ,While we Welcome that, We have Minimised the hard Bargain and we Replaced with Fair Market Prices even for Locals ,

A well Polite appreciated Transaction Each time,and Remembers .Even if you don’t SHOP WITH US .do your Shippings with Us ,We will save you Cash.

We deal in Our Bazaar in 2 Product Categories .

1-Ready Made what you Typically will found in Morocco Market.From ready to Wear Caftan .Horse Saddles ,Babouche Slipper ,Leather Bags -Morocco Leather- Poufs -Kofats-and undried source of Morocco Berber Rugs

2- Custom Work.We can make any size- Leather Shoes .Belts for men.Belts -Women-Pillows-Raffia-Tents-Saddles-Morocco Djellaba -Hadad.Najjar.Khayat.and our communications to them will create a Piece of Morocco Art you will be Proud to Own.


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