Tangier Genuine Leather poof wholesale

While poof wholesale

We supply Genuine leather Wholesale handmade poof from tangier Morocco.world-class quality exporter.

what is Poof ?

tuffetpouffe, or hassock is a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat. It is distinguished from a stool in that it is completely covered in cloth so that no legs are visible, and is essentially a large hard cushion that may have an internal wooden frame to give it more rigidity.

Wooden feet may be added to the base to give it stability, at which point it becomes a stool or a footstool. If the piece is larger, with storage space inside it, then it is generally known as an ottoman.

The term hassock has a special association with churches, where it is used to describe the thick cushions (also called kneelers) employed by the congregation to kneel on while in prayer.

We carry in stock the best handmade leather quality in northern Africa and middle east .the colors are lifting,soft and bold.here is a list of the hottest Models designs for 2018.

Camel leather poof wholesale

Camel leather Poof

Camel brown leather poof

Brown Camel leather Poof

Brown white leather poof

Brown and white leather poof

Orange beige leather poof

Handmade Beige orange poof

Wholesale leather poof

handmade leather poof wholesale

Dark brown camel leather poof

Brown Camel leather poof

Blue and white genuine leather poof

Brown and white camel leather poof

Bright pink leather poof

Bright pink leather poof

Gold Poof

handmade gold poof

Pink handmade leather poof

Pink handmade leather poof

Handmade silver  leather poof

Silver handmade leather poof

Dark brown handmade leather poof

Dark brown handmade leather poof

 Gorgeous Camel leather poof

Handmade camel leather poof

Handmade yellow white leather poof

Yellow white leather poof

Handmade yellow and red poof

Handmade yellow and red leather poof

Genuine white and blue leather poof

Handmade white and blue poof

Pink white leather Pink

Pink white leather poof

New leather poof designs

Hot New design leather poof

Handmade creme leather poof

Creme handmade leather poof

9 Hot handmade leather poof designs

9 Hot poof designs

New style handmade leather

New handmade leather Poof style

Our styles are Unique ,our prices are unmatched .Made of genuine Local Moroccan leather .fresh of our Fes tanneries.through the whole process ,the humane friendly ancient leather process is still observed .the cows,goat and camel skin is dried naturally ,the Vegetables and Henna dyes are of unmatched quality .the process is green all the way,Organic vegan quality ,that is what you get when you order our world-class genuine leather goods.we are the leather expert of Morocco.Min order required.we ship worldwide.

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