Tangier Morocco leather poof wholesalers

Bright pink leather poof

Poof market in Tangier morocco have seen an increase in productivity over the last 10 years.thanks to an increase in demand ,popularity and new markets.

Made in Morocco bazaar have been part of this increased,we shipped over 5000 unit a year.and they are plenty of reasons.

The story start with quality leather,and the story well go thru Fes tanneries .the famous smelly  medieval quarter of the city.Bab Jlood.

I will share with you few handmade leather poof,with different designs.patterns and materials.

Camel Poof

white leather camel poof

brown skin tonned

brown poof

In the Old medina of Fes Bab Jloud is located .Grid of stone wells.filled with liquid,it is belived that the first tannery was digged around the end of the 6th Century. they still function today the same way.

Fes have been center for trade from early ages.The famous Tambukto route ends in Fes ,before resuming the trip to Andalusia.

Our customers have a wide range of choices when it comes to the type of leather you want for your Poof.

You can choose from Cow.Sheep,Goat and camel hide are brought here daily  to be dyed in vegetable dyes.and preserved.once they are cured.they will be moved to the market.Souk dalala,the wholesale market for leather,to be distrubuted to other cities,Essaouira ,Tangier,Tetuan,Marakesh,its a journey toward the hands of craftsmen,all natural and organic toe make the best leather poofs,leather bags,leather purses.

leather peach poof

Peach Poof

The process is the same as the first tannery was built.

The Raw skin is being soaked in a wonderful natural mixture .Cow Urine .pigeon feces.lime juice.salt and water .

3 days later the hair is removed effortless .the skin is soft and white .gets 3 times washes before it being hang out on the walls to dry for 7 days.except in raining days .

The dry skin then will be soaked in the stone wells,each one have a different color.no chemicals,just fruit and vegetable natural dye,may be it is one of the few places on earth that still green all the way.Henna,Saffron .pomegranates.Herbs.etc.

Most people who visited Fes will end somehow there.small city ,and it one of the protected world heritages in Morocco.the smell can be strong,visitors are given mint to put under noise.but for someone like me who have been there over 400 times,it is a wonderful earthy smell,i also like the smell of farms ,so if you dont mind being around 1000 of cows alive,the smell is not too much off.

Gold Poof

 Gold handmade gold poof

light blue poof

light blue poof

handmade poof

Magenta handmade poof

With the best Fes leather ,we make the best leather Poofs.

White gold,black poof

Wholesalers and boutiques are welcome.we ship worldwide.Special Rate..



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