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the spirit of the berber rug.

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Made in morocco berber rugs and Carpet and weaving by the Berbers is an ancient affair.dates back centuries,The hand-spun cloth we created was named after the individual tribe, as in the case of beni Ourain rugs.Shop Beni Ourain rugs. originated in beni ourain as simple that.They are also other tribes that produces much different attractive rugs designs.only natural local sustainable fibres are used to create cloaks, Berber prayer rugs.Berber Rugs for weddings.Gifts.Home houses of worship.we sale berber rugs.Shop our rugs online

Well made and finely Crafted Berber Rugs offers Luxury and style .Berber carpets are distinguished by the construction type that gives a similar appearance to the distinct knot of traditionally Berber carpets.

Todays Berber Rugs contain small flecks of dark colour on lighter shades of background colours resembling a natural undyed version of the traditional carpets. as the case of beni Ourain Rugs .They generally consist of a plain colour mix with no pattern, and are relatively cheap and durable. Popular for areas with significantly heavy use such as houses of worship.Hotels.Bars.Weddings and Prayer Rugs

The distinctive knot texture and appearance of traditional hand-woven Berber carpets today are generally woven in brightly coloured designs that are different from other similar Crafts

Handmade Berber carpets is an active industry in many rural areas of Morocco. Many Berber families earn their primary income from building-up carpets manually .sale them in local markets,

Traditional Berber carpets differ from modern mass-produced Berber carpets that are usually found in Walmarts. We employ cultural Medieval.Not understood designs made of natural Local materials.We suffer Droughts and we take the climate serious

Today, there are numerous types of modern Berber carpet made from a wide variety of materials, Fibre.Wool …are the most frequently Primary materials.

Tunisian Berber carpets and rugs, usually called “Mergoum” also preserve our techniques. inherited from ancestral weaving methods and Techniques .other countries uses Olefin as the primary material, blended with different materials.Our Made in Morocco Berber Rugs is Superior as you can tell!

Our Berber carpet is highly durable found in offices, schools,Weddings.Churches.Palaces and other high traffic areas. It is stain resistant as well, and is generally more affordable than thicker plush carpets.

For Proper CARE. it is recommended by us that Berber Rugs should be cleaned using a low-moisture or dry cleaning process. Traditional steam cleaning with high alkaline detergents can cause potential pH burns in the olefin. These appear as large yellow or brown splotches. Yellow or brown spots also may be tannin bleed from the sugars in natural fibre carpets that are drawn to the top by improper drying usually caused by overeating.

Berber Rugs are chemicals free,Earth friendly and Magical symbols patterns.makes an excellent wedding Gifts,a great Halal Dowries ,In style and can buy a berber prayer rugs .or to furnish your office with Luxurious. Berber Rugs offers both.

Shop 60 Well-Reviews Vintage Berber Rugs from 9 Rugs Suppliers..great Moroccan Gifts and souvenirs. great Christmas and all times Gift.About Made in Moroccothe rugs are like your kids Ahmed told me .

The threads in our rugs communicate love and Sadness.function well , warm and beautiful.They represent our culture, geography. our history and our way of life, professional weaver Ahmed told me

done with chants and prayers,” Ahmed 77 said while en route with his wife Rhima on a warm Monday. afternoon “It’s about things that important.”

Ahmed spent the last half-century studying the craft and producing some of the most simple yet beautiful Berber rugs. He’s one of few contemporary weavers to hold onto traditional methods, following the process from pasture to spindle to loom.

As a senior weaver knows the sacred chants ,prayers .thought sand the long nights that accompany every step of the process of traditional berber rug making ..

“The sheep have a chant,” Ahmed said. “The spindle has a chant.the loom has a chant,Then the spider chant,we believe spiders taught us how to weave. Then there’s a chant done to complete the loom.”

The chants,Ahmed said, increases the value of the rugs.

Ahmed is a shepherd,keeps about 50 sheep ,goats as few cows for milk.

Each step of the rug making observes the same traditional steps,from sheering the animals ,weaving the wool into rugs,all done by our hands.He spins and weaves in his hilly home, situated on a plot of land at the end of a dirt road.5 Kilometres outside of Beni Boufrah center .

“It’s a dying Craft sadly ,” he said of spinning and weaving. “Not so many people are doing this anymore.”

but in difficult economics. weaving can be the source of viable income or extra cash.and life bill.

Ahmed is a weaver who grows his own wool can earn about.a weaver who produced own yarn.a weaver who knows,the 7 Must-Have ber wedding rugs . the must bare-handmade vintage berber styles .solid-made rugs to keep warm from the snow in Rif Mountains .we pray to the rugs.with the rugand on the rug to protect our crops,our crafts and our ways

“My grands always said, when you’re selling your weaving, make sure you are a man of God,Because people will pray on them” he said. “we keep that in mind as we make each rugs.each rug must be clean when born.ready to be prayed on!Clean….My friendly berber friend resumed and explained .

Our trade secret is to stay away from trading posts, Ahmed said. An authentic handmade rugs are not easy to make,and not usually Cheap. but every single home in Tangier.Chefchaouen.Ketama.Nador .Or Taroudant,Marrakech have more than 1 berber rug at home, families also possess some of the most beautiful vintage rugs in morocco.Rugs made by God,Show the creator and his symbols.We communicate Rugs,we offer rugs for gifts.and always thru our traditional marriages.Rugs were always part of the dowry .and marriage gifts .as well as a weaving Flag of peace when wars ended …. the thoughtful Berber when silents.The call for late afternoon prayers was on….he disappeared to Pray…

I see the connection now.Authentic rugs, if created properly,communicate the Berber creator and spirit.all happening in front of me now.

“The traditional teaching of our weaving is that you have Accept a mistake in there “It will be done because only the creator is perfect. We’re not perfect, so we don’t make a perfect rug.”Ahmed resumed ,looking Refreshed from his Fresh meeting with God.

He began weaving at age 5 in Beni Boufrah, taught by two sets of grandparents.Rif and souss,2 different Tribal styles of rug making


Today as a young Berber ,i can reflect on all what Ahmed said,and mixed signals. Problems in Berber rug marketplace, the community of Berber weavers … The Unfair relationship in the trade line.where the Craftsmen make way less than the middle man.

Although he accompanied his grandmothers to the trading posts where they sold their rugs, Klain said he didn’t understand the inequity in the market until later.

“Both of my grandmothers didn’t understand the market,” he said. “It seems like that was a generational thing.”

Klain said many weavers he interviewed for his film were posting their products on the Internet, cutting out the middle man. Others, he said, were not as successful.


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